Vinod Kusuma  is a Solicitor  specialising in Asylum & Human Rights, Nationality & EU, , Immigration & Regulatory Discipline ( Tier 4 & Tier 2 Sponsorship Licensing Team of Secretary of State ) , with an emphasis on immigration, asylum, nationality, EU and regulatory law.

He  acts for all types of clients which include vulnerable, private clients ,  Businesses and Free Legal Services to local needy community depending on their financial capacity.

He has particular expertise in Immigration Applications & advice , appellate work and Judicial Reviews. He regularly advices clients and represents applications to the Secretary of State and drafts grounds at the First tier Tribunal, Upper Tribunal, and the Senior Courts in the UK wherein, he has represented over 500  applications to the Secretary of State and dealt over 250 cases before various courts.

He often works in Association with reputed Barristers and instruct them to  represent before the appropriate Courts and regularly contributes and speaks on legal awareness with local groups and community organisations.

Few of the Important works/representations before the SOS:

  • Successfully represented in an application of few Syrian National in obtaining his refugee/Humanitarian Protection Status being a vulnerable client.
  • Successfully represented in many applications of Nepal National’s in obtaining their Leave to remain/Asylum Claim who have lost their homes in Nepal during the deadly earthquake in 2015 which was recorded to be 7.2 on the rector scale.
  • Successfully represented in many  applications of different nationality in obtaining Entry Clearance, Leave to remain, Indefinite leave to remain, extensions, Nationality/right of abode, Asylum claim, Visitor, EEA Claims etc.
  • Successfully represented applications in obtaining Tier 2, Tier 4 Licences, representations for re-instatement of Sponsorship  licences, Few of our clients include Newcastle College, TeleEye Limited, School of Computing and Business Studies etc.
  • Successfully represented in many applications of budding Entrepreneurs who are successfully contributing to the UK Economy which include CSIT Solutions Ltd, BK Traders Ltd, Advith IT Solutions Ltd etc.
  • Successfully represented deportation/removal Protocols.

Few of the Important cases/represented:

Senior Courts:

  • R( on the application of ) Mr. Balajigari, Majumder, Kawos and Albert (Appellants) v The Secretary of State for the Home Department. C6/2017/1214 CIVIL DIVISION

    Representing the lead Appellant Mr. Balajigari before the Court of Appeal.

    This case is a lead test case which was live streamed by the UK Judiciary keeping in view of public importance as this involves Hostile Environment issues, Tax amendment matters, Human rights , this can be viewed on you tube at
  • R ( on the application of Bala Subramaniyam Shanmugam ) JR/7867/2018 UTIAC.

    wherein the Border work Force Team, Gatwick has re-instated our clients Immigration Status by withdrawing their Original Decision after our representations.
  • R( on the Application of ANANDKRISHNA GADE )  Vs SSHD   JR/13130/2016 UTIAC.

    Wherein the SOS has conceded to accept our representations involving 322(5)and 245AA Evidential flexibility Policy and our client and his PBS Dependent were granted indefinite leave to remain in the UK.
  • R( on the Application of  INDRAREDDY MALREDDY )   Vs SSHD    JR/936/2018 UTIAC.

    Wherein our clients status of Tier 1 Entrepreneur was granted by reconsidering SOS’s earlier refusal decision.

    This case involves important changes in the Immigration rules ( Paragraph 49 & 50 of Part 6A ) relevant to Job Creation by Tier 1 Entrepreneurs.
  • R( on the Application of  C S REDDY SAMBAIAHGARI )  Vs SSHD JR/7580/2018 UTIAC
  • R( on the Application of  MRS. MEGHNA SURDIP PAL & Others) Vs SSHD. JR/2107/2018/UTIAC
  • R( On the application of HAIDER ALI KHAN ) Vs SSHD. JR/8384/2015 UTIAC
  • R( On the application of SONI  ) Vs SSHD. JR/12666/2015 UTIAC.
  • R( On the application of AJAYKUMAR RATHOD ) Vs SSHD. JR/94/2016.
  • R( On the application of ZIA TAMEEZ ) Vs SSHD, JR/1949/2016
  • R( On the application of RANDHAWA ) Vs SSHD. JR/4975/2016
  • R (Duggimpudi) v SSHD – JR/8087/2016(10)  UTIAC.

Dealt Many cases before the FTT/UTT – Immigration and Asylum Chamber.